Case Study: Windsor Hotel Manhattan New York

An online management tool that books your rooms 24/7
Hotel “Izmailovo”


  • Outdated Flash website
  • The “Rooms” menu is uninformative, offers no call to action, and is not user-friendly
  • Navigation is not intuitive
  • On-page SEO issues: no proper H1 and H2 tags, low position in Google
  • No bookings made directly through the site and no opportunities for guests to check prices or availability
  • Last review on the page was added two years ago, photos are low-quality, content is outdated and irrelevant


  • Website is responsive and fast-loading on any device
  • Modern website design in keeping with corporate brand
  • Simple and informative pages for each room type that display a clear Call to Action and outline next steps to complete bookings
  • Intuitive navigation with 2 clicks max to reach any info on the website
  • Comprehensive SEO guidance: intelligent site structure takes you to the top of rankings and hotel represented properly in Google My Business.
  • New website includes TravelLine booking engine, proven to have high conversion rate on thousands of hotel pages
  • All info on page is up to date and displays fresh, professional photographs
  • Everyday web support service is at the hotel’s disposal

Thanks to TL, the Hotel Saw:

3X bigger average
hotel bill
3,5X higher profit
4,5X more direct
30% additional website

Not only was the design more elegant and responsive, but the conversion rate of the page jumped significantly. What’s more, the average stay per guest increased from 1 night on average to 3-4 nights on average.


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Jersey City, NJ 07302,
115 Morris street

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